by Agrimonia

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This is our demo from 2008. Our latest album Rites of Separation from 2013 was released by Southern Lord Recordings:


released April 15, 2008



all rights reserved


Agrimonia Gothenburg, Sweden

Thundering death and black metal soaked doom, with hints of crust, as well as atmospheric and epic darkness.

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Track Name: The Unknown Bury Me
I hide
The wind
Above raging high

I hide
The wind
Above raging high

Wings spread out
Screams cut the night
The storm has passed
All crumbled up
Wings spread out

My skin is transparent
Thoughts shine through
You read my mind
My eyes are open yet I am blind

I'm fearing life itself
The sorrow I once felt
A shadow that used to be me
Used by you to weaken me
Sentenced to living
In the unknown that buries me
Track Name: The Decay
Your fingers reaching out
Your eyes telling me
Your body giving up
Me without power

My tears all I can give
My anger my despise
The poison eats you alive
I can see every bite

Not strong enough
To help
To give you life back

Every word you say
Someone else's voice
Every word I say
Won't reach you

Every breath is like
The last one
I stand helpless
Watching th decay

Not strong enough
To help
To give you life back

Your thoughts no longer here
Alone you stand with freezing mind
The step I take where it will end
When all there is
Is the decay of a friend
Track Name: Scars Make Life
Wounds make scars
Scars make life
My life
My war

Life goes on
Time heals wounds
My wounds
My war

Woken by grief
Grasping life
Holding on
Remove myself
From the story
That I wrote
It is too late and it hurts

The past is burning with pure hate
The chains are broken
The tidal waves will turn and change
Demons' tongues have spoken

You live in my heart
Like a spreading disease
You live in my heart
Soon comes the final release

Time fought the pain
Flesh and blood gone bad
The story is written
My ink is dry
I have endured hell
Track Name: Leaves Fall Rotten
Walking side by side
Towards the end
You take me to
Where life meets death

Where shadows beome real
I can feel their breath
Buried emotions

Once forgotten
Now again they rise
Black clouds
All over the sky
Once faded
Now they are shining bright
A blinding storm
A crumbling past

Gathering up smothering life
Leaves fall rotten my life runs through
Like birds leaving ground
Flying fast never to turn around

Like fire in my heart my freedom burns
Free again, my luck has turned
Hate or love - What did I choose
Hate or love - What did I lose
Track Name: The Plague
Living dead
Cold heart
Cold blood
Once was alive

These gates have infected my mind
And now your words are mine
Stagger around in silence
Afraid to open my mouth

Buried alive
In the grip of this plague
Deeds of darkness in my mind
The walls and the bars
Smother me and paralyse
My body a hollow shell
Can't leave this devastating state

I am living dead shattered dreams
Without hope the truth lies buried
Zero on the dice
When the battle finally sets

You clip my wings
Sew my lips together
Fill me up with lies
Too weak to say no
I accept the leash around my neck
Like a plague that takes our lives
A knife stabbing our brains
The nightmare never ends
When I close my eyes I see the plague

Living dead
Cold heart
Cold blood
Once was alive